Hong Kong Sea School

Project :

Installation of a 432 turbines wall with purpose of electricity generation and advertising .

Additionnal purpose : Educational program for school students .

Location : 13-15 Tung Tau Wan Road

Stanley Hong Kong .

Contact :Mr William Hutchinson . billhu53@netvigator.com.......Tel : 2813 1674



North view
East view
South view
West view
for North East winds :clear of obstructions low and far obstruction

the building is build on the north side of a hill .low obstruction from trees and buildings

Average Wind speed : probably approx 5 to 7 m/s
Site visit : January 9th 2007 :comments : weak gust constant breeze with 8 m/s maximum
Conclusion : the location is suitable for installation : all directions are clear with constant direct wind from N N-E .
For S S-W data will be available in few weeks during summer monsoon



Unit base : 24 turbines + generator . 6 rows x 3 units columns
Total units =18 unit base .. Total number of Turbines = 432 : Total area of the board : approx 27 square meter
Each unit is rated at 150 watts for 10m/s wind speed and 20 watts for 5 m/s wind speed .
The output should be in the 0.6 to 1.3 kW range with a daily production of approx : 10 to 30 kWh .


Electrical set up

8 Batteries 12 Volts + 3 x 0.8-1.2 kW inverter .

The electrical installation will be located in one of the control room inside the building .

The connections to appliances will be discussed with Sea School after installation of the turbines and testing for approx a week .

After 6 months of continous operation and data collections a Grid interconnection will be applied for .


Technical Specification

1 Unit base x 6 rows : total weight = 80 kgs . total weight for 3 units : 240 kgs

Total holding posts :10 . Sharing load : 24 kgs /post .

Strenght and resistance : for winds of 50 m/s (typhoon no 10 condition) .

One unit base of 24 turbines is facing approx 290 N force for a direct hit .Total force for 432 turbines = 5 220 N force .

The average force applied per post is: 530 N . The posts are designed to take 10000 N / 2 meter .

Each unit base will be welded to the posts in order to avoid screws and give flexibility during installation.

Each posts and frames will be made of stainless steel 304 grade .the location being on sea shore ,corrosion is a primary issue .

The frame and mounting frame should have an expected life span of over 30 years .

Remark 1: the mounting frame will be monitored and reinforced if needed .

Remark 2: the load will be applied only on the parapet .No load on the roof slab and no work will be done on the roof slab ,preserving the roof waterproofness . Each post will be attached to the wall by 4 concrete machine screw anchor .Each post will be firmly and definitively anchored by a welded hook barre over the parapet .



Sign Board Drawing
Turbines aligned on 6 rows .
3 D right view for 3 units of 6 meters . total lenght = 18 meters
Front view of 3 units
wall section
Section of the balcony on which the frame will be attached and post dimentions



Proposed contract : to download in .DOC format . Click here (save first and then open)
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