This set has been designed to be portable and for very specific uses.It is not designed to be installed permanently and its frame can not withstand Very high wind speed. (maximum 30m/s 100kmh or 65mph).in case of storm it has to be manually dismantled.

Directional 8 turbines set



Composed of 8 plastic turbines connected to a 50 watts generator and installed on a stainless steel directional frame.360 degrees rotation.

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8 turbines portable 360 degrees directional set
DT 0817

8 micro turbines with generator rated 50W for 10m/s wind. .output 12 to 100 VDC volts non regulated net weight 7kgs

Works from 2ms wind speed

frame 0.88 meter long x 0.33 m height x 0.15 m wide .stainless steel

Volume : 0.085 CBM Measurement : 90 cm x 28 cm x 35 cm . gross Weight :8 Kgs

(for shipment by container :20'container = approx 325 pcs -----------40' container = approx 600 pcs)

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