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It takes 2.5 M joules to vaporize 1 kg of water from 30 degrees but it takes only 0.46 M joules to freeze 1 kg of water from 30 degrees .It is easier to produce snow than ice by using a flash point freeze and snow has a very different density and weight and apparent weight (weight/volume) than salty water .Salty water freezes at about - 30 to -40 degrees depending on salt concentration .Fresh water freezes at zero degrees .Dry air ,being a mix of different gas, does not freeze .Specific heat of air = 1j/g/d k The system on next page shows the setting .

A) since this facility will be installed in hot country everything has to be underground to reduce at the maximum the heat exchange.

B) all energies are produced by a wind turbine wall .

C) this facility does not use at any point electricity .

D) the energy collected by the turbines is converted into air pressure (10 bars) .

E) by using a RANQUE tube we produce an air flow at about - 10 degrees Celsius . Later on ,once we will have available negative calories, we will be able to cool down the compressed air and we will be able to generate an air flow of approx - 40 degrees .

F) the air flow is used to cool down a reservoir of sea water and to produce sub zero temperatures in the ring tunnel .

G) the sea water,cooled to about 4 degrees,is vaporized into the ring tunnel and some part of the water will be transform into snow flakes(0 degrees) .
Experiments have to be carried to determine the ratio snow/salty water .

H) the rest of the water(brine) will fall on the ground and it's temperature will lower to about - 5 to - 8 degrees .
Since the brine is going to discarded ,the negative calories have to be recovered by cooling down new sea water

J) since water droplets and snow flakes have a different relative weight ,separation will occur by gravity .The wind in the ring tunnel will carry further away the snow flakes while the water highly concentrated in salt will drop nearly immediately .

K) by gravity the snow will fall directly in the fresh water reservoir .

L)a dome is installed on the platform .The purpose is to warm up part of the fresh water to melt the snow . Water can only be transported by pipes if liquid . Cold water before consumption could be used in air conditioning heat exchanger in the cities around .


This global concept is experimental and has never been tried ,to my actual knowledge.

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